Winter Skincare Routine For Men

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Falling Temperatures, chilling winds and overheating in your home can all work to dry out and crack your face and body’s surface. Cold weather’s great for lot of things, snowboarding, skiing or just relaxing by fire. But unfortunately it can also seriously damage your skin.
Luckily, there are few steps you can take to maintain your skin’s health during the winter months.


  • Moisturizing: Clean your face with a gentle face wash rather than using soap, which usually dry out your skin. Products of men face wash containing hydrating ingredients like aloe and glycerin can also help replenish skin’s moisture.


  • Adapt Your Skin Care To The Weather Changes: The key to keeping skin healthy in cold weather is to keep it hydrated. Colder air has less moisture in it and this causes the skin to dry and chap easily. You should make up for this by using a Mens Face Moisturizer twice as much as you do during other months. You should consider purchasing a humidifier to replace moisture in your home’s air.

  • Skin Care Routine Should Be Adjusted: Make sure to put on Mens Body Lotion within five minutes of stepping out of the shower to lock in moisture. A steaming hot shower can be tempting on cold days but keep your shower lukewarm, As very hot water evaporates quickly and can dehydrate your skin.

  • Keep Yourself Warm: For dry feet you can try moisturizing then covering them with cotton socks just before you go to bed. Your skin pores will absorb the moisturizer better when covered, rather than allowing the moisturizer to evaporate into the air.

  • Give Your Lips Extra Attention: Keep skin protected from outside elements like cold and wind by covering your face and body well and use Mens Lip Balm regularly to avoid chapping. Even though its cold, don’t forget to use sunscreen; because ultraviolet rays are still strong during the winter and also snow can cause skin damage.
    You could also easily make a lip scrub to smooth away any dead or flaky skin. Do this by applying generous amount of Vaseline to your lips, then rub either with sugar, or a very soft toothbrush. Use circular motions and then rinse your lips and apply balm. Be gentle while exfoliating your lips.

  • Balanced Diet And Stay Hydrated: Always eat a healthy diet full of nutrients and vitamins, the best way to keep your hair and skin from looking and feeling healthy. And its most important to drink enough water to keep your skin and hair hydrated from within. Eating well will also make you feel great too. If you find difficulty maintaining a proper balanced diet then take multivitamins, but remember that this is not an effective replacement for the real thing.



  1. When you change your skin care routine you may have a breakout initially because your skin isn’t used to it. However if you stick to it for a couple of weeks your skin may adapt a change.
  2. Get into a daily routine to keep your skin at its healthiest. Consistency prevents the skin from breaking out or becoming irritated.
  3. Also you make sure not to wash your hair regularly as it strips away the natural oils produced by your scalp which would help to keep your scalp and hair healthy.



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