Simple Tricks To Fix “ I Have Nothing To Wear Problem”

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Hi Girls!
We all are so familiar with the “I have got nothing to wear” problem. Right? Its with every girl who loves to shop is known to have this disease.
But what if all your money is spent on buying new clothes, how do you still have nothing to wear? When you have got some important meeting to attend or a party, how will you dressup?
Girls, Its time to change the way you stare at your wardrobe. The actual problem lies in the way we shop and organize our clothes. Here are some ways to cure this problem.

Stop Buying Trendy Stuffs: One of the main reasons why we feel, we have got nothing to wear is because we probably shop a lot of trendy stuffs which we later don’t wear. Rather than buying the trendy outfits, stick to the comfy ones which you can wear later with the basics. There’s nothing wrong in buying some trendy outfits but investing your whole closet with trendy stuffs won’t help. Buy the basics first, making sure you have all the things you need may it be your basic tee to footwears. You’ll find easier to style accordingly.


Buying Similar Clothes: We are so addicted to clothes. There’s this one thing that catches our attention first. May it be a striped shirt or an off shoulder top. What if you own too many of these? Obviously, your closet won’t look fun. Keep similar looking things in your closet so the next time you shop you know how many of the same thing you already have. This will keep you from buying same thing again.

Repurpose Your Clothes: There’s so much you can do with your old outfits in your wardrobe. Think out new ideas and assign new tasks to your clothes.
Got a summer dress that’s too short to wear in winters? You can belt it up and wear it as a tunic top by layering it up with a jacket. Your winter outfit is ready. You can also wear maxi dress as a dress.

Think Before Hand: Keep an outfit in mind while picking out the items you like. A cute skirt or a top catches your attention then don’t just look at standing pieces when you are in a store. Since you have to match what you buy with something in your closet, its always a good idea to think about it before you buy.
This way you can wear your clothes without deciding what to wear.

Planning: Doesn’t matter if you don’t have an event coming up. You can try different combinations and putting together and creating a whole new look. It can get a bit boring if you keep wearing similar outfit. Think of places you have to go in the coming weekend and create new looks with clothes you already have.

Too Many Items: Having too many options is overwhelming. You open you wardrobe, rest your hands on waist, look at your clothes and get confused because there’t too much option. Keep clothes that are true to your aesthetic and let go of the rest. It’ll get you creative ideas flowing and you’ll be able to come up with more outfit when you glance your closet.

Organize: We tend to organize our clothes according to the type of clothes. All the formal pants hanging at one place and all the dresses at one. The more efficient way to organize your wardrobe is organize your closet outfit-wise and it will change the way you feel about dressing every morning.

Creativity: Styling clothes is a creative jobs. Challenge yourself to wear something new every week. Pick out something random from your closet and style it your way. That would be such a fun way to dress up.

I’ll Fitting Clothes:
Don’t think about a dress, how it will look on yourself after 6 months from now. Think about now. What fits you at the moment and flatters your body. Let go of all the ill fitting clothes you own and you’ll notice the difference.



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