Tips for Highly Confident And Fashionable Women

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The first step in coming into your own style is having the right mindset and being confident to the image you are trying to portray. Whether you are aiming for comfort or style, keep on reading the secrets of highly confident and stylish woman. Those who are supremely self assured aren’t more capable or intelligent. They just have a different way of looking at the world and their place in it. And thats a beautiful thing because cliché thought it is. If you feel good, you look good. Confidence is a state of mind.


Make Your Dressing Fun: For most women, dressing is all about comfort while for others, standing out is a priority. If getting every morning feels like pulling your hair and wearing clothes that are totally just to impress others, you are doing it all wrong! Regardless of your look and personality make your dressing fun, so you won’t be too conscious on how you look. Confident women always relax and enjoy what they have got with.

Add Some Interesting And Exciting Details: Whether you wish for a sexy, trendy or a simple look, always add some accessories to your outfit. Always remember that sexy and trendy are two different things. True sexiness comes from a self confidence portrayed in our clothing choices combined with the way you carry yourself. Like Fashion Blogger Kritika Khurana, I love the way she carries herself. Highly confident people always wear things that make them feel good. So if you are not happy with your style. Its time to switch up.

Create Some Artistic And Creative Look: You can get help from magazines or following any fashion blogger on Internet. Your style is the most visible mode of self expression as it is an art form. So, take pride in what you wear and what it says about you. You can also start by wearing some bold colors on your accessories, wearing an abstract printed dress, Such that will give an creative yet elegant look.


Stylish Yet Comfortable: Even if you are a tee and jeans types of a girl, you can still be stylish. Like Fashion Bloggers Shaurya Sanadhya or Aakriti RanaGill, you may switch to a pair of oxfords that look edgy and trendy rather than a pair of heeled pumps that feel uncomfortable. Just make a habit of giving yourself credit for being who you are and loving it. Also don’t forget that confidence is key. So go for it.


Adding Some Personality: Styling Isn’t about hiding your identity. Don’t get misled. Like Fashion Blogger Shaurya Sanadhya, Wear a dress that feels sexy team it up with a cozy coat and edgy boots. By doing this you can make your trendy personality reflect your clothing choices. Playing with clothing and different outfits is a way to bring out different versions of you.

Try New Things: Take time and try out new things. You can mix up the pieces you have in different ways. Like kritika Khurana, you may think of layering minimalist pieces together that will create a polished yet trendy look. You can try on things you know that you would never normally wear so that you can step outside of your comfort zone. Finding your own sense of style can be tricky but once you know that trick will make you more comfortable, fashionable and a confident persion.

Lipsticks: A well known fashion hack: swipe on a touch of bright, cherry red lipstick in a tone that best suits your skin. Its an instant face brighter that screams- I took time for myself , even if you didn’t.

Increase Your Me Time: Confient people know how to be happy and productive with no one but themselves for company. Solo activities like meditation, hiking, reading can build confidence that you can spend time alone.




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