Pursue a career in acting- Here’s what you need to know

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We all have something for all theatre enthusiasts.

Acting is not just about Bollywood or Hollywood. It is way beyond that. Remember! There’s no shortcut to earn Name and Fame. No one can become a Celebrity Overnight. It’s a step wise process. Behind every successful actor, there is a combined teamwork of writers, producers, directors, crew members and last but not the least, hard work & effort which you put as an actor. So have patience and believe your Instincts.

Theatre is considered as an initial step for pursuing a career in acting. Theatre has been around since people first gathered together to listen to someone else tell a story.

What is a theatre?

Theatre is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers, typically actors or actresses to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place often a stage.

There are various forms of theatre play which include comedy, tragedy, musical plays etc.

Perks of joining a theatre:

First of all, it is necessary to know if you are really passionate about acting!

  • If you have interest in this field then start from grass root level. You can do this by taking part in different stage related activities in school such as dance, singing, anchoring etc.
  • The most common problem which the new comers face is stage fear. Taking part in these stage related activities will help in overcoming stage fear and nervousness.
  • Secondly, it will boost your confidence and physique everytime you perform in a stage act. This in itself is a big achievement.

How to join a Theatre?

Now a days, all colleges have a theatre group. Once you enter into your college life, join the theatre       group of your college. Different colleges have different auditioning criteria. But If you are a good learner of the grass root level, it would be easy for you.

Throughout the college life, you will get a chance to perform in various plays such as :

  • Skit
  • One act
  • Street play
  • Mime
  • Mock rock etc.

These plays help in developing the face expressions, body action and voice modulation. These three things are the key factors for improving the theatre skills. Though college theatre groups are not the professional ones, but they do help in gaining knowledge and experience.

After learning what actually theatre is, go and opt for a professional theatre. Joining a professional theatre is not a difficult task, especially in an urban city. You can check out the various theatre groups present in your city.  There are trained theatre actors who conduct different workshops every year. The workshop is useful for amateurs as it gives detailed description about the theatre acts. They teach certain rules and regulations which an actor should take care of while performing in the stage. Attending different workshops will help in developing your skills from an amateur to a semi-pro.

Finally, join a group which you like. Usually there is a onetime fees which you have to pay at the time of joining. Then you can be a permanent member.

How to proceed Further?

In your initial days, don’t keep your expectations too high. You won’t get a major role in any of the plays. You might not get any minor role as well. But it’s all right because everyone has to go through that phase in the beginning. Have patience and work as a crew member or staff member off-stage for a few days.

Off-stage work consists of different departments such as :

  • Lighting department
  • Sound and music department
  • Costume and set designing etc.

Off-stage works are as equally important as on-stage works. Observe & implement the skills of the senior actors. You will learn a lot about professional theatre plays during that time. After a few days the senior members are going to notice the kind of hardwork and effort you have put in the off-stage works and ultimately you will get a chance to audition for the upcoming plays.

Don’t miss this opportunity because the first impression is all that matters. Prepare yourself according to the role you are assigned. Characterization is a major element which would help you to prepare for the role.

What is Characterization?

The way an actor plays a role using his/her acting skills to create a character in a drama is known as  characterization.

In other words, it is a representation of a person or other beings or creatures in a narrative and dramatic way. Characterization is done by observing and understanding the body language, vocal qualities and expressions of the character you have been assigned to play. You can show a character in the way they walk and move, how they talk and react to various events or situations. Basically, you should live like the character. This will make you portray the character in a better way and you will shine like a gem in the play.

So these are some important elements which will help you in taking first step towards your goal. Have patience and trust your instincts.

This content is written to give you a basic idea about how to follow your dreams in a step-wise manner. If you like our content, do visit our website for more. Thank you!

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