How To Rock Unwashed Hair!

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We need a lot more time in styling freshly washed hair and it is definitely a time consuming process. Who has time to wash, dry and style everytime? Here are some valuable tips to rock your unwashed hair while still having that great hair that doesn’t look dirty, or even flat.

Cool Off: Had a workout and got your head messy? A hot head equals to sweaty head and adding any additional sweat won’t do any favour.

  • Be in a ventilated area preferably with a fan.
  • You can have a cool shower by using a shower cap to keep your hair dry.
  • You can use a hair dryer and dry the sweat out of your hair and make sure to keep your head upside down for increased volume.
  • For a minute, brush your hair out it’ll help in distributing the oil through your hair and act as a conditioner.


Not Washing Your Hair: Skipping the shampoo not only does saves your hair but it puts flexibility in your schedule. Who has the time to wash, dry and then style your hair? You can lot more things that are important and less time in front of a mirror. I will recommend you to start doing this experiment when you are not going outside. It’ll only take some time to know what works best for your hair. The more you wash your hair the more oil the hair produces.


Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoos are really excellent to get rid yourself of the grease, sweat of the day. You can buy them in any online site.

  • First brush your cooled off hair and then lifting your hair at the root , spray the shampoo at the root of the hair.
  • Do not spray dry shampoo directly at the root as it can make your hair look dry and greacy.
  • Its important to know what amount of dry shampoo you need for your hair so just simply play around with your hair. You can also add more just in case if you feel the previous amount wasn’t enough.


Message: After that you have applied your dry shampoo, use your finger tips to massage your scalp. Then wait for five minutes. Massaging your scalp dries the moisture and sweat out of your hair!


Changing Your Part: This is one of the most magical trick to make your hair look fresher than it was even before. You can add a tinge of change by simple changing the parting of your hair! As the parting exposes the fresher side towards the outside. Flipping will generally give a new look than your usual hairstyle plus some added volume.



Wash The Front: As we all know that the back portion of your hair are bit dirtier as compared to other portion of your hair. You can get rid of this oily feeling by simply washing the front portion of hair. It won’t take much time. Wash the front hair and quickly hair dry, It’ll probably take lesser time than washing your entire hair.



Baby Powder: A simple hack to get rid of all the dirt and oil. Dab some baby powder on your parting and using a cotton ball. The powder will absord all the oiliness and will leave your hair with a fresher look and some good smell.



And If Everything Seems To Be Failing:

  • Go for a fishtail as this will never go out of style. And no one will no about your dirty hair.
  • You can get rid of unwashed hair by adding a scarf. You can rock your dirty hair with a piece of cloth.
  • A sleek ballerina bun is always there for your rescue!


I hope these simple tricks were enough to help you get rid of dirty hair. If you like our content, do visit our website for more. Thankyou!



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