Shoulder Workout : 7 Basic Exercises For Better Trapezius and Deltoid

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Each and every body has a different composition and a different method of training to make the pump more effective. Different sequence, different sets, different choices of exercises are made in order to get the best results. Now the thing is that which type of exercise would be more beneficial for you is hard to understand until you perform that combination yourself.

But a fact is that you never do the same types of exercises for a longer period of time. What this does is it makes your body used to the training method and then slowly the pump starts getting decreased. Click here to learn more in a very detailed manner on why you should change your training method frequently. Now the question comes, what kind of training method would suit you better than the rest?


For this the very first thing you need to find the answer of is “How much of the training can your body resist?”, because there are many types of people who go to the gym, so if you compare yourself with bodybuilders and you are just a newbie right now, you both can’t workout in the same routine. Your shoulder consists of two primary muscles (Trapezius and Deltoid) that you hit and one secondary (Triceps) muscle that you hit.




At first you need to know some rules whenever you are hitting any body part at gym.



  1. Warm up is very much essential.
  2. Every set you perform must not have a gap of more than 15-20 secs.
  3. Do not forget to do light weight free movements for shoulder before the workout.
  4. Try to hit each and every repetition with Mind and Muscle Connection.
  5. Go slow back and forth on every repetition.
  6. Do not do ego training. Lift medium weights but in correct form.
  7. Always start with a light weight and then increase them in a sequence.


These were some basic rules you need to follow in order to get the best results during the workout. Always remember to hit one part of the muscle at a time. Either you do for the Trapezius or the Deltoid.

Now let’s get to the chart:-

  1. Barbell shoulder press
  2. Dumbbell shoulder press
  3. Behind the neck shoulder press
  4. Side lateral raise
  5. Side lateral raise(single hand)
  6. Barbell front raise
  7. Barbell Shrugs


Each and every one of these moves should be performed 4 sets with a medium weight and a repetition of around 12-20 reps. Ignore the bullshit that more repetition burns more calories and less repetitions increase the volume of the muscles. Just remember that when you are hitting a muscle, do each and every rep with the perfect concentration of your mind and muscles being connected. You will notice at the end that the pump might get so hard that you are barely able to lift your hand up, and if it doesn’t feel that way, may be you haven’t trained to the best.


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