Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

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There are people who look like they really need to gain a lot of weight, there are ones who look just perfect the way they are and then there are those who just cant loose weight no matter how much they try to skip the meal or try dieting.

One of the many reason why you might not be actually able to loose weight is because you are probably eating like a freak. Okay so there are much more reasons why this losing weight might not be successful for you, lets get to them one by one.


1. You are probably having a wrong mindset that you are following a great diet by not eating a lot of food, i.e actually eating less in amount and eating less frequently. Now a lot of people have this conception that when you are in a diet you need to eat less….Bullshit..!!! Actually dieting can be done for many reasons and many goals.

a. For gaining weight.

b. For losing weight.

c. For maintaining that healthy body weight.

But whenever you tell people that you are in a diet they think that you are not eating well to lose weight and that’s it. Dieting actually means that you eat enough but that you eat healthy. You need to eat frequently(5-8 meals a day in small amount). You never let yourself starve or eat to the full.


2. The other reason may be that you are not working hard enough to burn the fat bunker you have already been storing from the past few years. Most of the times if you notice you are actually doing work but that’s not buring calories, that’s not the physical work but the mental work you do and get tired. Now literally they have become your buddies because they are always with you no matter what else stays or leaves. The only solution to this problem is that you work harder to burn that fat stored in your body. Let me make it a bit simple for you. Understand it this way, you have already 500 unit of body fat. you take food which add 10 units of body fat everyday. So now what you need to do is that you need to burn more than 10 units of body fat so that you utilize what you ate today and also burn some extra fat that was previously stored in your body. This is the only way which is going to help you lose fat.


3. Do not ever rely on any kind of fat burners or medicines that claim to remove or reduce fat of your body from the vert week you start taking them. Think of it this way, body fat is not anything that you can excrete from your excretory system by taking those medicines. The only way it can be excreted is by turning that fat into sweat. If your body does not sweat, it does not burn the extra fat and if it does not burn the extra fat, how do you think you are losing your weight? Believe me no capsule says “Sir you sit and relax, let me burn the fat for you…!”.


4.  One of the most important thing is to keep your crave for foods under control. It even happens with me most of the times. If you do not eat the food you love, ultimately what happens is that you start craving for that food, your mind starts asking for that food so much that you cant stand and then all you do is eat a lot of it and then you completely spoil your diet. To prevent this bizarre you should have a cheat meal first twice a week, then try cutting it to once a week and then to once in two weeks.


5. The very last of this is one of the very important and very ignored point which people usually do not take seriously and they actually keep spoiling their diet routine. This is “Sugar”. People love to eat food which is sweet in taste. Even the protein shakes we take have additional sugar so that we love taking it but in actual protein is tasteless. Even if you eat a small amount of sugar present in your daily diet, it is actually doing a lot of harm to you. Do you know that the more you eat sugar the more your mind wants you to have it. Sugar is said to be almost 8x more addictive than drugs. Trust me it is quite hard to not have any sweet food for weeks..!!


These were some very basic everyday facts that you really need to know to make any diet plan or any capsules or fat burner to actually work.

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