What Is Style In A Deeper Way

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First of all what do you think when you hear someone using the word style?
Commonly one would refer to it as fashion or outer appearance but let me tell you that its more than a fashionable dress or your Gucci bag.


Style = Expressing Yourself

Its a combination of how you dress, move your body, the way you talk. In other words it shows how we express our inner self. Everything on the outside is a complete reflection of what’s inside.
Once you identify your unattractive flaws or mannerisms, you’ll have the power to change it.
I totally believe that every person has the capability to be charismatic, being the type of person that everyone loves and is down to earth.


Style = Your Reputation

Building a great inner self or reputation is key to how much influence you’ll have in any way.
Always guard your reputation over anything else, because its very hard to change people’s view of who you are.


Style = Fashion Sense

While most of the time what you wear isn’t going to make your entire impression, It does help in making up over 80% of your first impression. Just because style = expressing yourself doesn’t mean you can wear whatever you want because there is a specific language that is spoken through specific types of clothing. You should become familiar with this in order to make a positive impact than a negative one.


Style = Grooming Sense

How you groom is just a part of your outer self to see how well you take care of yourself. People judge on the basis of your appearance.
Just an example- we compare a girl with a straight hair against the girl with curly freezy hair that looks in the need of a good conditioner and wash. Judgements are made every single day on how conscious you are about you.

This is why its so important to work on who you are on the inside just as much as you show outside. This is what true style is.


We all have a ideal version of who want to be like. Happiness comes from inside and the better we become the more we are ourselves. It shouldn’t affect our confidence at any cost. Whatever part of you isn’t matching to the ideal version, leave that to grow. And the key to become the ideal version of who you want to become is to continue working on yourself.
Do you remember the last time you watched yourself in a video? The way you talk? Facial Expressions? Your Posture? Collect them and watch yourself where you are going wrong!
Surround yourself with people that you choose to become.

What do you think? Which part of your style do you need to work on more?What action are you going to take for that? Let us know by commenting down below. If you find this content helpful. Then visit our site for more such content. Thankyou!


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