15 Fashion Mistakes Men Make

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On every road to dressing better, he needs to learn a few things about style. Keep reading to make sure you don’t make them.

Wrong Hairstyles: Look around and see which hairstyles look flattering to you. Hair is that one part of the area that you can constantly experiment with and upgrade more than you usually do.

Sweatpants: You are not wearing sweatpants to look your best, you wear them because you are too lazy. Until and unless you are going to the gym, avoid wearing sweatpants in public.

Clothes That Don’t Fit: If your think that your body type makes it hard to find well fitting clothes, ask your tailor to help you out. Wearing baggy clothes will make you look you’re wearing something unstylish.

Short Sleeve Shirt With A Tie: You don’t work at a fast food corner where those sleeves get dirty making food, avoid wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie. This is generally perceived as lower class apparel. Stay professional and confident. Stick to long sleeve shirts when wearing ties.

Keep Your Facial Hair Well Groomed: Your face is the first thing that gets all the attention. Either keep a cleanly shaved face or keep your beard trim. There should absolutely be no hair underneath your chin or on your neck area.

Dirty Nails: Keep your fingernails trim, free of hangnails and dirt. Some men just don’t take proper care of their hands. Sometimes its cracked cuticles and some other times its just dirty fingernails. To prevent your nails getting dirty wear gloves and use lotion on your hand whenever you can.

Not Taking Care Of Unibrow: Taking good care of eyebrows groomed is just as important as the hair on your head. You can use a tweezer and pluck any hair above the nose.

Improper Pants Length: Don’t fold up your jeans unless its fashion statement that you are making. Don’t be a guy who has his feet swimming in a bunch of extra fabric. All you need is to visit a tailor and get your pants done.

Wrong Colors: Its important to match the color of your clothes to your skin tone. If you have a dark complexion you can go for colors tha match the strength of your skin color. If you have a fair skin lighter colors are more flattering on you like soft pastels.

Mismatching Styles: You can’t wear your sporty sunglasses with a blazer or a cargo pants with the dress you wear in general. Keep your outfits clean and decent.

Excessive Amount Of Hair Product: Be aware that the hair products you are using might cause damage to your hair. These are also a few reasons for hairfall. Use a smaller amount of spray than you think you need.

Wrinkled Clothes: Its a good idea to always hang up all your clothes. Never flow them on the floor after you use them. Keep your clothes ironed and wrinkle free.

Wrong Tie: For casual outfits go for a slimmer tie instead of the wider ones. Seperate the wider ones for office. This way you will look much more fashionable.

Too Many Colors: To maintain a coordinated look, limit your outfits to a minimum of 3 shades.

Wrong Belt: For professional occasions if you are wearing dress shoes then make the color of your belt matches the color of your dress shoes. If your shoes are shiny, your belt needs to be shiny too.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Once you have grown comfortable and confident in your own style, be sure not to become complacent by trying stepping farther out of your comfort zone.
Keep yourself looking the best and this way you can protect yourself making fashion blunders.
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