Eyeliner Styles You Can Try This Wedding Season

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We have been loving the idea of eyeliner on fleek look. Right? I know most of you can’t even get out of your house without putting on eyeliner and if you are one of those girls then this one is for you. Here are some of the winged eyeliner looks you can try to get the perfect winged eyeliner. Try this looks and make people wow with your makeup skills.

A Mix Of Gold: Many of you guys have noticed some celebrities with this look. This look perfectly magical to have on your bestie’s wedding. Also the hint of copper eye shadow on the lower lashline brings out the look. This is something you should really try if you wearing a Saree or a Lehenga. This will totally amp up with your attire.

Keeping It Simple: Always use a good black liquid liner in order to get a perfect winged eyeliner. Simple is realistic. A simple curved cat eye flick is something easiest to create and it doesn’t take much time too. Simple is stunning. This simple cat eye look can show the shape of your eyes.

Cut Crease Eyeliner: Girls, If you love experimenting with your eyes you can go for this look. What’s better than flaunting your eyes with this bold cut crease look. Just have a look at this perfect crease and the on the point eyeliner. Also If you are a party person, you should definitely have this look. *wink*

Flaunting With White: After applying simple cat eye eyeliner, use a white eyeliner and outline the outer edge of the black eye. Now take some black eyeshadow and smudge it on the lower lashline and join it with the liner to give the complete look. Also If you are someone who hasen’t ever tried a new eyeliner look, this could be your first step towards it.

Adding Some Boldness: Go bold with this double shaded look. Graphic eyeliner looks are in trend. You can also create your own look. Use some dark coloured eye shadow and make sure to wing out your eyeliner for some added drama.

The Perfect Eyeliner: This iconic look is for the days when you want to stand different from the crowd. Apply a perfect winged eye look and use different coloured eyeliner to draw something creative. Isn’t this stunning?

Pairing Up With Glitter: Girls! You don’t always need a black eyeliner to get that gorgeous look. You should atleast once give this stunning glittery look a try. The shimmery lash line looks pretty complimenting with the eyes.

The Full Eye: You can also slay this full eye eyeliner look like a boss, with wings on fleek. After applying over your upper lash line, carefully apply it on the lower part of your lashline making sure the eyeliner doesn’t get inside your eyes. Now you are on the go to get a lot of compliments.

Combining It With Colors: You can also brighten your look by adding different colour to get the peppy eye look. After applying black eyeliner use any coloured eyeliner by applying thick outine at the outer edge of the black cat eye, completing the look with a mascara.



Eyeliner is not something that should be done in a hurry. Don’t try to wing it when you are in a hurry. Just line your eye starting from the inner corner and gradually ending it up at the outer corner.
The best time to apply eyeliner is after you have applied eye shadow. You can practice on your friends and family to get the best angles. Always use a hands free mirror so that you work with your both hands as you apply winged eyeliner. Also don’t try to change the shape of your eyes, this can make your eyes look smaller.
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