Ways To Boost Your Muscle Recovery

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It gets harder for the muscles and the body to recover after a heavy workout and we all know that.
After a workout there is been a lot of damage done to the muscles in the body, all the tear and the longing and the tense produced in the muscles usually requires around 24-48 hours to recovers completely. Now the question is “Is it good to train after a day or two so that the muscles recover completely?”. Absolutely not.

People train almost everyday or at least 4-5 days a week is said to be healthy to lift. We see a lot of people who have been to the gym, come to the gym every day and do some heavy workout and then again, killing all the exercises they workout. Ever thought where from the energy comes from? How there muscles grow or repair themselves so quickly. Well, there is a lot of factors affecting the muscles growth and development after your workout. Some of these factors may be that his genetics and his body type is much better, his body can sustain better regarding the heavy weights. He much be having the require amount of protein which is essential to help the wear and tear of the muscles.

See, the very fundamental rules of bodybuilding or actually any fitness is that 

  1. You need to eat well.

  2. You need to make your body suffer during the workout.

  3. You need to get enough sleep.

These are the three basic requirements every body must be full filled with in order to at least satisfy the very initial stage of the recovery. Now the question comes… How much to eat and what to eat, and also how much to sleep?

Guys, any food… any food which is rich in protein and essential nutrients should be your first priority in terms of food you are taking. Also you need to have at least 5-8 meals a day, small ones so that you are never full stomach and you are never starving. Now you do need to get sleep, where a healthy sleep is said to be somewhere around 6-8 hours in which your body will recover completely.

Coming to the points which will now add up to the process of muscle recovery :-

  1. Never skip your pre-workout and post-workout meals.

  2. Eat protein rich foods but do not cut out much carbs, cause they too are required by the body.

  3. Focus on good sleeping habits.

  4. Drink a lot of water, people usually forget to do that.

  5. Give your body massage on a regular basis.


These things really help and I feel that you should really take care of these things, remember that avoiding these wont make a lot of difference because you might be expecting the same result everyday but if you follow these then you for sure will feel the difference within days.

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