Supplements: Do you really need them?

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Welcome back guys, this is a topic which probably every person who goes to the gym has some basic, right or wrong idea about supplements. As soon as a beginner enters the gym and see buffed up dudes, all he wants is to be like them anyhow. What they don’t understand is the buffed up ones had to start somewhere to be here right now. He had to maintain a diet, remain consistent to the workout and stick to the goals, and the most important thing will be a bodybuilders discipline not only when inside the gym but also when he is out of it.

Now for the guys and in fact girls who want to go into the world of bodybuilding and fitness, let me tell you it’s not that easy just to buff up or pack on muscles by taking supplements. Here are some points for you guys which will clear almost a lot about the facts of supplements.

  • What are supplements: Supplements, as the name suggest are an add on to your over-all diet of the day. They help you to build muscle, repair the damaged muscle muscles. They provide protein in the powder form which is usually mixed with water or milk or juice and consumed. Like I said, they are just add-ons to your muscle building. So they give you a 20-30% pump up of muscles if you start taking them.


  • When to start taking supplements: People have a misconception that they should start taking the supplements as soon as they start working out in any gym, but it doesn’t work that way. Although if you are interested in taking supplements, the very first six months you should not even consider buying supplements because they won’t help you in any case and all you guys will be doing is wasting money on these supplements. I would suggest to start taking supplements according to your body type and your goal. There are many types of supplements you can invest on, so better make the right choice


  • Different types of supplements: There are many types of supplements you will get if you purchase online or you purchase from a store near you. Most common supplements people use is Mass gainers, Weight gainers and Whey protein. Other than these common supplements people know about there are many different types of supplements usually people don’t know about. These supplements are –


  • L-Glutamine
  • Whey Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Beta Alanine
  • Creatine
  • Multi Vitamins and Multi Minerals
  • Mass Gainer
  • Weight Gainer
  • BCAAs


  • Why do we prefer taking supplements: Supplements help the body to grow at a very good rate. It actually fastens the body growth. But the only hoax is people think that taking only the supplements they can gain their muscles. What they don’t know if 80% of the companies mix many kind of drugs for hormone release and the do retain water because of which all you get is a good volume till you are using that product. But as soon as you stop using that product it starts getting worse. So, I would recommend that if you are going for some inexpensive supplements then don’t buy one. Rather use that money in improving the quality of food you eat.

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